Beaches of Normandy Tours Offer WWII History

Normandy, France

Travellers lucky enough to be setting sail on a European cruise will have a multitude of options for excursions when the ship stops off the coast of France, but history lovers will really only have one: the beaches of Normandy.

This awe-inspiring site has been featured in films such as "Saving Private Ryan," but nothing really compares to seeing the real thing in person on Normandy tours. The day begins at the Museum of the Landing Day, which features a wealth of information to bring travellers up to speed on what exactly happened at D-Day.

Then it's off to see the beaches of Normandy. Omaha Beach is perhaps the most famous of all the landing points, and this area is also home to the American Cemetery. Row after row of white headstones will show visitors the sacrifice made by American soldiers in World War II. It's truly a stunning sight and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Other points of interest include Pointe du Hoc and Arromanches Beach. Pointe du Hoc features 30-metre cliffs that soldiers in the second Ranger battalion scaled on D-Day. Meanwhile, Arromanches Beach contains the remains of Mulberry Harbour, which was quickly constructed in order to facilitate the landing.

Normandy tours also give travellers a chance to sample some of the region's finest cuisine, as a complimentary lunch with wine at a local restaurant will be included in the package at no additional charge.