The California Science Centre

Endeavour space shuttle at the California Science Centre

The California Science Centre provides an innovative model for science-based learning, by combining exhibits with an on-site Science Centre School and Amgen Centre for Science Learning, as well as a teacher professional development program. The facility, which opened in February 1998, spans more than 37,000 square metres and includes four major exhibit areas. World of Life probes the commonalities of the living world, from the single-celled bacterium to the 100-trillion-celled human being; Creative World examines the ways people employ technology to meet their needs for transportation, communication and structures; Ecosystems features an unprecedented blend of nearly 400 species of live plants and animals, and hands-on exhibits in 11 immersive environments; and Space Shuttle Endeavour, featured in the newly built Samuel Oschin Pavilion, offers a unique, up-close chance to see and discover the science behind this amazing space vehicle.

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